Irish Dance Skirt - Basic Black

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Getting ready to compete in your first Irish dance competition (also called a feis)? We have the perfect skirt for you so you can look great on stage and give it your best!

Our high quality circular Irish dance skirt is perfect for a first feis costume.

Combine with a black leotard for a complete outfit!

The waistband is elasticated for a secure fit and can stretch a little to ensure a nice fitting.

The skirt with a leotard is also great for any Irish dancer between costumes looking to compete at feisanna.

Also suitable for blackout feisanna.


Sizing Guide

Small - Waist 18" Length 9"

Medium - Waist 20" Length 10.25"

Large -  Waist 22" Length 11.25"

XLarge -  Waist 24" Length 13"