Fays Platinum Irish Dance Ghillies (Pumps, Reel, Soft, Light Shoes)

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  • Fays Platinum Suede Sole Pumps are high quality Irish Dance pumps made for comfort and durability.
  • The poron insole fitted between the inner and outer sole of Fays Platinum Pumps gives excellent shock-absorbing even upon heavy impact
  • Toe support of Fays Platinum Pumps provides ease during all toe maneuvers.

Matching premium quality with superior design, we present to you the Fays Platinum Suede Short Toe Pumps. The Fays Platinum Pumps are crafted with 100% strong leather uppers and high quality suede soles.

The Fays Platinum Pumps fit snugly to match your arch. Poron is a high-quality cushioning material used in sports equipment and other sports shoes and is known to help with comfort upon impact. The poron is fully cushioned between the inner and outer sole to provide shock cushioning even on heavy impact. 

For most dancers, the toe support must be exceptional. In that, the Fays Platinum Suede Pumps overdeliver and allow all dancers to bring out their best. A padding goes over the front of the toes in the Fays Platinum Pumps and provides a surrounded support system to the toes, allowing you to easily go over your toes when needed. 


All sizes are in UK sizes. Please refer to the size chart below to help determine your size.  This chart is specific to Fay shoes.

If you like a more comfortable fit or you have a wider foot, please size up 1/2 to 1 full size.

 For more fitting tips, visit our Find Your Fit page.  When new, your ghillies should be tight enough that your toes are curled under when they are first worn.  If you're unsure, we recommend ordering a few sizes to try and then returning the ones you don't need.  Please be aware of our Return Policy.