Eucatape for Dancin' - Eucalyptus infused foot/blister tape

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Throw down your best dance moves without the worry of blisters, cuts, chaffing and dry skin with Eucatape, the only Eucalyptus infused dancing tape that works to help protect and heal yourself from injury.


HEALS – Eucatape is infused with great smelling Eucalyptus oils that help soothe your body of existing blisters, cracks, or cuts with its natural anti-inflammatory properties and leaves your hands feeling soft with no sticky residue.


DANCE SMARTER – Eucatape works to protect your feet, toes, and body to keep you comfortable, stable and performing well during ballet, salsa, hip hop, ballroom, contemporary, latin, tango, modern, jazz, tap, Irish and other forms of dance.


FEEL COOL – Eucatape blue dance wrap looks great, stays where you put it and has a soothing cooling sensation due to the natural eucalyptus oils infused within the tape. Perfect for professionals and those looking to learn new dances.


★ Physical Therapist Recommended: "The healing qualities of Eucatape can only enhance a dancer’s ability to elongate their career while protecting their most precious commodities: their feet and toes."



**ALLERGY NOTE: if you are allergic to eucalyptus oil, DO NOT USE**