Antonio Pacelli Essential Jig Shoe - Irish Dance Hard Shoe - Black Straps

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The Essential jig shoe is for beginners and intermediate level dancers and offers dancers and parents great value for money.

Made and designed by Antonio Pacelli, the Essential jig has a black suede sole and smooth leather uppers.

The suede sole has been designed to be more flexible than the Antonio Pacelli Superflexi leather sole but less flexible than the Ultraflexi range, so perfect for dancers who want flexibility in the sole but also for the sole to support their foot.

They come fitted with Leinster tips and shaped Leinster heels.

The Leinster heel has been designed so that it has a curved bubble on the inside to make heel clicks easier. 

A good jig shoe at an extremely competitive price!

Standard Fitting

TEACHER APPROVED - This model can be used for competitive dancing and for Feisanna in all Irish dance organisations.

All sizes are in UK sizes.  If you don't know your size, please refer to the measurement chart below to help find a good fit. Click here for instructions on how to take an accurate foot measurement.  

If you like a more comfortable fit or you have a wider foot, please size up 1/2 to 1 full size!  The chart below is meant to give you an extremely tight fit. 

 For more fitting tips, visit our Find Your Fit page.  The foot measurement size chart does not indicate the length of the shoe.   If you're unsure, we recommend ordering a few sizes to try and then returning the ones you don't need.  Please be aware of our Return Policy.



9.5  170
10 174
10.5 177
11 180
11.5 185
12 190
12.5 195
13 200
13.5 203
1 207
1.5 210
2 215
2.5 218
3 222
3.5 225
4 230
4.5 235
5 240
5.5 244
6 247
6.5 250
7 254
7.5 259
8 263
8.5 267
9 273
9.5 276
10 280
10.5 283